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As a young man, Ian McPherson knew he was destined for more than the family business in his hometown of Knoxville, TN, and such chose to pursue life experience through international exposure. Artistic designer and versatile fabricator by trade, Ian used his creative and mechanical sides to expand his resume across the USA and beyond. For the last 15 years, Ian has assisted in everything from the building and design of multimillion dollar casinos in Las Vegas and Macau to set design of world renown entertainment theaters in China.

It was by mere chance that Ian and his wife Sayaka found and ultimately decided to plant roots in Costa Rica. While visiting a friend in Guanacaste in 2015, the young couple immediately fell in love with the surrounding nature and true “pura vida” lifestyle, focusing on quality of life. 

During their stay, they witnessed countless opportunities along the coastal cities, from tourism to real estate and the new marina in Playa Flamingo, and subsequently they decided to re-locate to Costa Rica. With a plan in mind, they began preparing and executing individual steps to facilitate their future business, residency, and move which was ultimately made in October 2017.

Knowing the key to success was preparedness, they educated themselves prior to arriving, and through this foresight, they have since established several successful businesses that service the area. From artwork and decor at the newly established Lucy’s and renovated Mariner Inn to the incredibly intricate hand-painted mural at Cerveceria Independitente in Playa Potrero, Ian and his wife’s company “Tropical Finishes” has create a top notch reputation for reliability, quality of work and professionalism. In addition to their design outlet, they are on track and well on their way constructing their first spec home in Surf Side.

With many options in the surrounding cities, Ian made the decision to join Keller Williams specifically in order to round out his resume for future clientele. Guided by Rebecca Clower, Ian is privileged to be mentored by one of Costa Rica’s top real estate agents who has over 12 years of local experience as well as many features on HGTV. In a short time, Ian has benefited greatly from Rebecca's knowledge and experience, and is excited to pass along his passion and assistance to those who are ready to take that next step. 

Locals or tourists, if you are ready to break away from the old and invest in yourself and a great new life in Costa Rica, allow Ian to help you realize that dream. You can trust in his integrity, honesty, and tireless drive to guide you through the process. Allow his service and knowledge to exceed your expectations. Allow him to provide you with a personal relationship. Know that Ian will get you exactly where you were meant to be. 

Welcome to Costa Rica. Welcome home.

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I'm specialized in Residential, Commercial and International Investment


I'm specialized in Residential, Commercial and International Investment



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Ian Mc Pherson
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