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Lic Real Estate Broker

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When Gustavo Blachman immigrated to Miami in 1995, he wanted to find a place for his family in the wake of a devastating recession back home. What he found in the process however, was a place he couldn’t imagine ever wanting to leave and career that allows him to help others do the same. To me, my family is the most important thing in my life. Everything I do is for them and– without exception– they will always come first.


Gustavo grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and worked for his family’s company after graduating from school. A recession in the mid 90’s however crippled the business and left them almost broke. With a wife and two children depending on him, Gustavo knew they would have to move someplace where he would have a better opportunity to support his family and provide a future for his children.


For almost twelve years now, Gustavo has strived to do exactly that. First as an agent and then as a broker, he has constantly worked to help people find their place and had phenomenal success in doing so. Now- as the owner of his own independent real estate firm, Terrabella Realty- he teaches all of his associates to follow these three basic principles:

1) Really listen to your client’s needs.
2) Take the time to educate them on local market conditions.
3) Lead them through every step of the transaction. I think one of the greatest things about this country– and more specifically about Miami– is that you can come here with next to nothing but the clothes on your back and still be successful.

Specialties: Luxury Residential Real Estate, Marketing, Branding

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Numéro de Licence : 0638696
Gustavo Blachman
17820 West Dixie Hwy
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